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The pictures I've been waiting for...

I still have barely an idea what TdF2013 looks like, but I don't care, the presentation gave me what I wanted!

Andy and Alberto!!!Collapse )

*doing silent happy dance*

I wish it were 1999-2005 now or that I would have known each July of those years what I know now. It would have made my cycling-watching days so much more pleasant. It's late, but not too late to enjoy sweet, sweet retribution. I don't particularly care about Lance Armstrong now, but for all the resentment and frustration he made me feel as he cheated and won, I have to be happy now. Fucking hell yes, I just have to be.


Vuelta de Alberto Contador


Vuelta de Alberto ContadorCollapse )

We've had the Vuelta a Purito Rodriguez up until now. But Saturday, on the Asturian climbs, Alberto's Vuelta begins. Vamos!

Edit: Photos snagged from here: http://nortephoto.photoshelter.com/gallery-list


No comments. Just pictures. And lots and lots of love.

all of the love
(snapshot courtesy of Twitter pal @arokalessin)

Bjarne&AlbertoCollapse )

worst day

I cannot describe with words the relief I felt when the news was finally out and Alberto confirmed he would stay with Bjarne when he comes back. He's got a lot of work cut out for him if he's gonna repay the unwavering support. I'm so very happy this post is work in progress and I can't wait to add many happy pics in the near future.
Rather than sit down and have a perfectly justified depression, Alberto's been keeping us updated on his training, mostly via Twitter. I've borrowed quite a few of his pics from there...

Alberto was back on the road in a non-descript kit immediately after the beginning of his ban.


working hard for the comebackCollapse )

Alberto will be back for the Eneco Tour and San Sebastian and the Vuelta. He's also a likely participant in Giro di Lombardia and the World Championships. It's great, seeing him in this part of the season and, as my favorite Lord of the Rings quote says: "Now come the days of the King. May they be blessed"
Too many pictures, too little time!


Training camps and whatnotCollapse )

And with Andy, just one day before February 6.


Fortunately, the story doesn't end here. Not by a long shot.

Tour de France 2011

Alberto showed his limits here. But he never stopped fighting and proved his class once more. He might not have won the race, but he won a lot of hearts and he meddled just enough to influence the overall results.

No bang? Punch, then!


Tour de France 2011Collapse )

Giro 2011, one for the history books

Arguably the best cycling race I have ever seen, with the most epic parcours and an undeniable winner.

winning team

Giro d'Italia 2011Collapse )



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